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Double the Arenas = Double the Fun

When I have occasion to pass through California, LaserLand is one of my go-to locations. The primary reason is there are only two places in the entire country where EXO laser tag equipment is in use and both are in California. One is LaserLand in West Covina where I have played several times and the other is LaserLand in Mission Viejo, which I had played when it was an LQ site, but had yet to experience using EXO. So this trip I was going to double up the experience.

I met up with Noah and on my first day in town we paid a visit to LaserLand in West Covina.

Because the equipment is the novelty for me, I took particular note of the EXO gear as it was being explained during the briefing.

The first game we played was a small group free for all.

What made this experience different from games I had played here in the past was that they doubled the space by opening the hidden doors between the two arenas to make one double-sized arena. I really preferred having a chance to play in this larger space!

On one side of the arena we tagged around the volcano with realistic scenery on the walls and the lava flowing right through the custom carpet design.

But just a few steps over we were tagging through the zombie ravaged grocery themed side…and making new friends!

The second game was a round of Domination where we circled through both sides of the arena trying to tag the bases and hold them with our individual pack color.

So much fun with six bases to target!

When we exited into the lobby, I walked up to LaserLand’s owner Alexander saying “surprise!” I did not have much advance notice, so I had not let him know ahead of time that I would be paying a visit today. However, I did let him know of my intentions to double up the fun by playing at his second LaserLand location in Mission Viejo the following day.

I expected the EXO equipment to once again be my main reason for visiting.

However, when I walked in and remembered my last time here when it was an LQ location  the nostalgia flooded over me because it still feels like walking into that environment, right down to finding Og!

Inside the arena I enjoyed the game with the group, but couldn’t help but marvel at being back in an arena that brought back memories that feel like they were so long ago. Do these arena pics give you the same vibe?

Playing EXO in these two arenas brought back a lot of memories, but also lent itself to being a fresh new experience at the same time.

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