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Ending My Trip with A Little Kaos

If you’ve read the last few posts, you know what an adventure my weekend tag trip had already been, so what better way to finish than with a little Kaos…meaning an impromptu stop to play some laser tag at Kaos Fun Zone in Williamsport, PA.

This is a really cool and unique sports and entertainment facility. I learned that it had previously been a YMCA that had been converted into the Liberty Arena back in 2012 when some changes had been made. For example, where the indoor turf is now there had previously been a swimming pool! Then a few years later (around 2019) Kaos Fun Zone attractions were added to the complex including bowling, arcade, trampoline park and of course…laser tag! When I arrived, I inquired about getting into a game and they coordinated a chance for me to play some laser tag with some of the local athletes who were there practicing on the field. That’s how it happened that I got to play some Zone Helios with the Toast’d Bagels wiffle ball team.

This was a one and a half level Creative Works arena with a raised “island” platform in the center. There were some familiar aesthetics, but also some unique elements as I explored the space.

I love an arena that has a lot of targets and this one had them scattered all throughout. That was one of the things I noticed right away. The other thing that really caught my attention was located under this base housing.

They have the new video bases!

Maybe it’s been too long now for me to keep calling them “new”, but when I first saw them at IAAPA in November of 2019 the first ones were just being installed. With the pandemic hitting so soon thereafter, I just haven’t been to all that many arenas since then that have them, so it is exciting and “new” to me when I do come across them.

I also took note of the active lighting effects.

However, something I didn’t pick up on as quickly was hidden in clear sight. Look behind me in the midst of this laser light show.

See the giant head on the wall? The eyes are flashing red beams. The game master pointed out to me that those change color to indicate which team is in the lead throughout the game. It’s a subtle hint that you might not be looking for, but once you are aware of it this is a nice added touch.

The beams stayed red for the remainder of the game, so my team took the win before the Toast’d Bagels team went back to their wiffle ball practice. Good luck to them in their upcoming game!

While they returned to the field for practice, I was ready for some food. I headed over to the Scorz Bar and Grill and enjoyed a DELICIOUS order of quesadillas before I left. Then I also took a giant pretzel with me for the road!

When I started planning this trip, I didn’t anticipate my return trip taking me through Pennsylvania, but it turned out to be a wonderful adventure and I’m glad that a visit to Kaos Fun Zone was a part of it!

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