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From One Collector to Another

I love eBay! When you are a collector it is like a treasure trove and I love to explore different search topics and see what pops up. Recently I stumbled upon a seller who had a tremendous amount of cool, vintage Lazer Tag items from the Worlds of Wonder collection.

What caught my eye first was a grouped lot of three Lazer Tag novels (I believe they were of the “choose your own adventure” variety), which I have always been curious about and noticed that they were selling together at a very reasonable price. This purchase lead to my shopping with this same seller and finding a few more vintage Lazer Tag items of interest, so we messaged back and forth about the shipping options. Then something unexpected happened. I got a really nice message back from this seller because he recognized my name and congratulated me on my playing laser tag in all 50 states. Wow, it’s such a nice surprise when that comes up out of the blue and someone remembers me because of it. It never ceases to amaze me how many wonderful laser tag people you meet through unusual connections like that. Connecting this common interest in laser tag led to a nice exchange of messages and accounts for why he had such an amazing collection and no doubt also explained why I was buying so much of it all at once. He seemed pleased to know that the items he had collected would be appreciated by another collector.

As we communicated, I mentioned that a couple of the items I purchased I planned to donate to the Laser Tag Museum and this seller generously added an extra item to donate on his behalf as well, which he shipped to me along with my purchases.

This play-makers press photo from 1987 features brands including Lazer Tag, Photon and Laser Combat with a BART droid in the front. I want to thank that seller, Jason, for sending along this awesome rarity that will be donated shortly to the Laser Tag Museum. I am so pleased to be able to have a few of his items as part of my collection, while making sure that some others can be preserved with the museum. From one collector to another, thank you so much! I also had one other unusual eBay find recently from a different seller. Imagine my surprise to stumble upon this gem!

Of course, those who follow along know I was not an old school Photon alpha warrior myself, but to find one of these pins 35 years later is a really special thing. So, to whomever sold this item, please know it will also be treasured as part of a personal laser tag collection and it will be appreciated for being one of those rare and special pieces of history that you occasionally are lucky enough to stumble upon.

And even though this unique find happened a few weeks ago, this seems like the right place to share one more Photon treasure I acquired on eBay.

Have you ever seen sunglasses like these? The only time I ever have was as part of a Photon licensing advertisement. I simply couldn’t let this amazing (albeit really tacky) piece of laser tag history get away. Yes, eBay is a wonderful thing…now, time to let my credit card cool off!

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