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Idaho Side Trip

Sometimes my travel plans don’t work out the way I expect, but more often than not they end up making way for even better opportunities! That was the case when I had to shift gears at the airport and decided to take an extra day to laser tag in both Idaho and Oregon. Triple Play Family Fun Park in Hayden Lake, ID was the relatively easy location to get to as a side trip along my new route. I set off in search of a quick game before turning myself around and heading for Portland next.

I arrived just as a group was entering a game and the manager was kind enough to add me to the roster right away. We took a team photo before our game of Lasertron began.

This double-level arena had a typical Lasertron field with bases on both the upper and lower levels.

They were running LT12.

I made my mark on this game by zeroing in on the upper level base, which was the key to our team out scoring the other team by more than double.

Because I had quite a drive in front of me, I didn’t stay long. I left after one game, but still considered this a completely worthwhile side trip. At this point I was able to check off Hawaii, Washington, Montana and now Idaho before heading for my final destination in Oregon. My original plan would not have allowed for all these things to happen in one long weekend, but miraculously it was all coming together! It may have only been a quick side trip to Idaho, but my visit to Triple Play was significant and I’m so glad it all came together the way it did!

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