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In the Meantime, In-Between Time (Part 1)

This past weekend I was playing in the Zone Nats, which requires its own post, coming soon. This event plays three overnights, leaving me the choice to either sensibly rest up during the days or…

Is there anyone who is at all surprised that after playing tournament night one straight through 7:00am that I would get up and go find more laser tag? That’s how I spent the “in-between” time on this trip, starting with a visit to Arnold’s Family Fun Center in Oaks, PA. They have two completely different laser tag arenas at this facility!

I started by going into their Phaser Force black light arena where I suited up in a Lazer Runner vest and enjoyed a game with Savian, Dillon and Shawn while Will gave the briefing as game master.

The first thing to catch my eye was the day-glo reptile suspended on the right wall…I miss Heli (my gecko) already!

There were a few other similar accent decorations lining the walls of this Tron-style arena.

The “greyskull”-like arch on the back wall was especially cool.

And they have an observation deck (which I am always a fan of seeing) so you can watch a game and get a view of the entire arena from above.

This got the blood pumping and I was completely awake now! Time then to move across the huge facility (passing quite a few attractions including go-karts, bowling, mini golf and arcade) to get to the Area 2200 laser tag arena where they operate a tactical, haunt-styled tag experience using the iCOMBAT irSMG taggers.

Headset sensors are really not my thing, so I was delighted to learn they have tailored the headsets into a crossbody bandolier target to wear instead. Perfect! Now I’m ready to tag some players…or some creatures!

The best part of this experience was discovering all the interactive animatronics as I tripped the various sensors that cause them to react. Here are a couple cool moments from inside this upper-level arena.

Although the Runner arena is what they refer to as the “black light arena” there were lots of neon day-glo paint enhancements to create a really unique playing space.

I’m so glad I had a chance to play both laser tag experiences at Arnold’s!

As a bonus, this arena was well positioned, because it was not too far from where the tournament players were all meeting for lunch at Iron Abbey. This was a nice social event to break up the competition and I enjoyed visiting with some of the other players. So yes, I am still that person who plays in a tournament and feels the compulsion to go find more laser tag during the off hours, lol!

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