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Not Just For Kids

I’m going to momentarily skip past night one of the tournament (full post forthcoming) and instead jump ahead to the start of my daytime tag travels on Saturday. I had called ahead to Kid’s Choice Sport and Fun Center in Woodbridge, VA because from what I saw online I gathered that they might not be your typical laser tag business. In fact, they are a really cool sports complex for both kids and adults and they have a pool, several courts and fields for a variety of sports and of course, laser tag!

Staff member Samantha showed me to the Capital Laser Tag arena where we entered a brightly painted vesting room that had a cool and eclectic look to it that suggested this place was designed either with or specifically for the kids who would tag here.

I absolutely LOVE to see original arena designs like this! This is not the same old cookie cutter style. It is vibrant and artistic.

While the actual maze is only one level, it spans across several “rooms” which is one thing that makes the space feel quite large. Another is the high walls with artwork painted all the way up to the ceiling, making it feel like there are high walls all throughout.

There is an upper level observation deck where parents or spectators can watch the game as it is played below.

This is a cool place for a laser tag experience to be available for their camps or anyone looking for a fun game in a cool atmosphere that offers much more than you might expect!

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