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Post-Tourney Tag

The tournament is over, but I’ve still got the desire to play a bit more laser tag before I start my road trip home. I was going to be passing right by Sandusky, OH and I remembered there was a Lazer Runner in that area, somehow connected to a larger entertainment complex. I had mistakenly assumed it might be part of the huge roller coaster park, but when I called, they referred me to the Thirsty Pony, part of Cedar Lanes Complex, so I decided to check it out.

I was introduced to the manager, Randy, and when I explained why I was here he very quickly recruited a couple of customers for me to play against. That was almost too easy…then I realized I was still wearing my team shirt covered in laser tag imagery, so he had no reason to doubt I was in fact either a blogger or a crazy laser tag enthusiast (or both as it so happens!) so I was able to play a game immediately.

I headed over to the entrance to prepare for the game to start.

I was first joined by these two guys (ironically named Logan and Nathan) and then a few more players joined us in the briefing room as we all vested up and prepared for the game.

This is a classic Runner style arena, built narrow and lengthwise, with the traditional Laser Runner maze and bases.

Some airbrushed artwork on the walls heightens the coolness factor.

Now, I did not go in here to play hard at all, so I let a lot of opportunities pass in favor of making sure everyone enjoyed the game, but in spite of that I still walked out with the high score. The game marshal presented me with a little token trophy for getting the win…a squishy little bowling pin!

In that moment, this little prize meant WAY more than you would expect it to. Of course, I always love taking home tag swag souvenirs from the places I visit, but this one resonated deeper. You see, Katt loved laser tag, but one of her other big loves was bowling, so for that brief moment it sort of felt symbolic that I was suddenly given a bowling pin as an award for playing laser tag. I know you could just chalk it up to coincidence, but I like to believe our friends are still somehow looking upon us and I choose to think of that as a sign.

That’s why this bowling pin will get a better-than-expected home on my laser tag shelf and why I am so glad I ended up playing some tag at Cedar Lanes Complex.

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