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Something Brand New

I love getting an early look at a new laser tag center, so the timing couldn’t have been any better for me to be passing through the Chicago area over Labor Day. This provided me with an opportunity to visit the brand new Scene 75 Chicagoland in Romeoville, IL only two and a half weeks after this location first opened their doors. The grand opening had not even taken place yet, so this was a really early experience at a massive family entertainment center that has already proven to be very popular!

When I walked in on Labor Day Monday afternoon, I could immediately tell this place was packed even before I got past the front counters. Guest service manager Jordan met me and showed me around the 135,000 square foot facility that had previously been a Sam’s Club (just to give you some perspective on the enormity of the size). He showed me a variety of attractions they feature, including indoor go-karts, blacklight mini-golf and bumper cars, but the highlight for me was of course, the laser tag!

The vesting room sets the stage for what is to come next. It is glowing with the colorful lights of the Laserforce Gen 7 packs, which still feel like a treat to play.

This is an impressive looking arena! I have played at every Scene 75 laser tag so far and this one is definitely a stand-out for me! Check it out…

This is an Art Attack design that really looks sharp. I am a big fan of this style of graphic image mural walls and especially the way these designs pop under the lights.

There are base targets hidden under housings that blend right in. Hint…they are located in places that make sense, but are NOT in the first place you might look!

I also found the bonus target on the airplane when the lavender light caught my eye as I was heading up the ramp to the upper level.

This 4200 square foot arena has two levels, although not a full second floor.

I like how the ramps use a wall fencing style that is open enough to allow tagging from a lot of different angles, making the playable space feel larger. There isn’t much cover to be found, as the perimeter of the top level is also open with the same open fencing. I jumped into a game with a rather large group and felt like this style could be an asset when accommodating bigger groups of players.

This arena was definitely put to the test with several large groups going into big games. I witnessed a couple of games being played at full pack capacity, which definitely bodes well as an indicator of the popularity of the laser tag.

The other attractions seemed to be well received too. This was clearly a busy day for them with people enjoying the food and bar areas. Laser tag helps you work up an appetite, so I enjoyed a Dad’s burger. Although the wide assortment of attractions could keep you busy for hours, if I was a local here I might spend my time between laser tag games trying to earn tickets on the arcade games. Why? I hardly ever spend time on arcade games, but at Scene 75 I would have a reason. Check out some of what you could win in their prize gallery…

Now THAT is how you do prize redemption!

There was one other thing I particularly liked at this location and that is the sweet shop. This was like an oasis…with candy!

If I wasn’t going to be boarding a flight the next morning (meaning I couldn’t carry on liquids) I would have bought a few of these to try.

So, I picked up a few decorative candy treats for souvenirs instead. Next to the laser tag, this shop was my favorite part of my visit.

Scene 75 does a great job with their attractions (and clearly I’m not the only one to think so).

I was definitely impressed by the laser tag and would love to play again. If only I were able to be in town when they do their grand opening I would love to take on a couple of the challenges they have planned.

However, I would recommend paying a visit a Scene 75 whenever you have an opportunity because they really do a great job delivering an impressive laser tag experience!

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