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Successful Tag 4 A Cause Night at Laser One

It was a successful Tag 4 A Cause night as we hosted another Laser Tag 5K challenge, this time in support of Wounded Warrior Project. My thanks to Laser One in Wantage, NJ for welcoming me to host the event at their arena where everyone enjoyed earning their laser tag 5K medals!

As always, the goal of the fundraiser was simple…donate to the cause, accept the challenge and earn your medal. When I arrived owner Jim Mainardi greeted me and we suited up in our Darklight laser tag packs in preparation for a full night of laser tag.

I set up a table to be “home base” for the event. This is where participants picked up their medals along with wristbands and stickers that were provided by Wounded Warrior Project with thanks for their support. We are well on our way to reaching our goal!

I was incredibly heartened by the stories I heard. Some players donated in advance of the event and some were learning about it that very night. All seemed to have a connection and a reason for supporting. Whether it was my fellow tournament players being supportive because laser tag is reason enough to come out for the night…

Or some contributed because they have family members who served.

I want to extend my personal thanks to everyone who donated to the cause!

From 7:00-9:00 the challenge was on! The staff ran a series of team standard games so that everyone could get a good running start on their 5K challenge and also compete for the high score of the night to take home the custom “golden phaser” award, topped with a Darklight themed golden phaser.

Teams were determined and Jim and the staff gave briefings while I gave each group an explanation of the event with my thanks for their support for the cause.

Kasey “KC” Crothers was our high score winner at the end of the night with a score of 3645. Congratulations KC!

My thanks to Laser One, the staff and the Tag 4 A Cause participants for their support of Wounded Warrior Project. The challenge continues through the end of June! You can participate on your own at any laser tag arena, anywhere or join us for our next Tag 4 A Cause night. Full details can be found at

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