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Tag 4 A Cause Across the Globe

It is remarkable to me that Tag 4 A Cause has made its way across the globe and found support from laser tag players as far away as the Czech Republic! My thanks to the Laserforce players from this international community who helped to raise money for the 988 Suicide & Crisis Lifeline while incorporating the laser tag 5K challenge into their recent tournament series.

Their tournaments began at the end of September with an hour-long Gladiator game at Star Doms in Domažlice where the Tag 4 A Cause challenge was announced.

From there it carried through their mixed doubles event at Mercuria Holešovice in Prague.

It looks like an interesting mixed doubles hour long mission, all playing on white lightning color packs with friendly fire resulting in -50 points.

Clearly this tournament included some creative and fun elements! They even held a side challenge to see which players could achieve the most games and most steps while also making a donation to this important cause. That’s how the laser tag community can really make a difference while enjoying both fitness and competitive fun!

Once again, I wish to extend my thanks to everyone who participated. I am sending a care package with Tag 4 A Cause medals for all the charitable donors along with the first ever “golden phaser medals” for the side challenge winners. As a little extra thanks, they will also receive wristbands and holographic stickers to show my appreciation for their support. My hope is that the awards will arrive in time for their final Christmas Level-Up tournament, also to be held at Star Doms in Domažlice.

Coordinating this from halfway across the globe required some communication. My special thanks to Lucie for reaching out to me and interpreting the idea. Lucie (Lucidun) from Laser Game in Pilsen is pictured here with her doubles partner, Fila, owner of Aurora Laser Game Kladno.

Also, my thanks to event coordinator, Martin, and to all the participants who accepted my laser tag 5K challenge. The initial idea for Tag 4 A Cause was simply to find a small way of trying to do some good in the world via my love of laser tag. I never imagined it would gain support from as far away as the Czech Republic! However, the global laser tag community is closely connected to one another, so I am very heartened that this was able to take place adjacent to their tournament.

I selected the 988 Suicide & Crisis Lifeline as the beneficiary for this quarter’s fundraising effort in large part as an additional remembrance for the friends in our laser tag community who we have lost far too soon. This time of year, it seems especially fitting to remember the players who we will forever keep in our minds and hearts.

If you would like to support the 988 Suicide & Crisis Lifeline and participate in Tag 4 A Cause on your own at any laser tag arena, the laser tag 5K challenge continues through the end of December 2022. You can find all the information at

Once again, my thanks to our friends in the Czech Republic and to everyone who has shown their support by donating to help a truly important cause by taking on the laser tag 5K challenge. Together we really can make a difference.

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