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Texas-Size Surprises at Laserzone

One of the best experiences I had during my entire trip was a visit to Lazerzone in Sugar Land, TX. This is a huge arena at 12,000 square feet, which I imagine puts them not only among the largest arenas in Texas, but at this point quite possibly also among the very largest in the entire country! And in true Texas style there were a few HUGE surprises to be found inside as well.

I chatted with owner Pat about the multi-level arena that she and her husband have operated using Laserforce for the past 24 years. They offer 20 minute game sessions for a really good price and I was excited to check it out for myself. I had my chance to play in between the party groups with Darion, James and Dontrell from the Laserzone staff.

This arena rocks! It is a beautifully convoluted map that leads you up, down and around three stories.

Normally I look for bases (or targets as they call them here) on the ground level, but to my surprise (spoiler alert) you have to look up to find them hidden among these domed housings hanging from the ceiling!

There are also beacons strategically placed throughout the arena. Some can be seen, but not shot from certain angles, which makes it a little more interesting. Floor grates sporadically placed throughout also allow for more shots to be taken from unexpected directions.

However, the most interesting arena elements to me were the ones that enhanced the aesthetic. This arena does not rely heavily on theme, but there were two things I noticed that were really standout accents. One was this awesome archway tunnel.

And the most memorable feature in this arena was the GIANT phaser prop hanging from above, but positioned between levels as a center point for the living arena targets.

Why have I not seen this before?! When you target the barrel of the giant phaser you will hit the targets that activate the living arena warbot, which in this location booms with a male voice. I have only ever heard the female voice option up until now, so this caught my attention too.

This arena really stands apart. The party group really seemed to be having a blast as well. I was thoroughly impressed with this one and I would definitely recommend paying a visit to Laserzone if you find yourself in the Sugar Land area.

And as long as I am making recommendations for awesome experiences in Sugar Land, I would also suggest that you follow up your laser tag game with a visit to a little local eatery called Lupita’s Mexican Restaurant just up the road. I don’t usually take photos of my food, but these stuffed avocados were AMAZING!

I’m so glad I got to enjoy two fantastic experiences while traveling through this corner of Texas.

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