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The 2022 International Laser Tag Day Poster Free Download Is Now Available

Every year I look forward to seeing which historic laser tag system will be celebrated on the annual International Laser Tag Day poster, which is made available courtesy of the Laser Tag Museum. This year I had the joy of being the first to know that Pulsar would be featured and then the tremendous honor of being asked to model the pack for the poster!

This year the poster is available as a free download at 2022 International Laser Tag Day ( I hope that lots of laser tag operators will take this opportunity to do something special to celebrate International Laser Tag Day as it marks the anniversary of the laser tag industry on March 28th.

I want to thank Gavin at Battle Sector X in the UK for finding this rare Pulsar V1 laser tag pack and allowing me the honor of wearing it for the photo session prior to it being forwarded on to the Laser Tag Museum collection. And a major thank you to museum curator Erik Guthrie for the invitation to do this. It was so much fun, as you can see from these behind-the-scenes pics.

Big thanks also go out to the talented Kelley from Cottonwood Studios photography and my thanks for the studio time courtesy of Professional Media Services…and of course, the Great Gaizat who makes the creative magic happen!

The release of this poster download on the Laser Tag Convention website is rather apropos as the convention (co-located with the Amusement Expo) is an event which benefits the Laser Tag Museum. It is taking place exactly one month from now in Las Vegas and I am delighted to share that I will be presenting an operator’s class at the convention. My presentation is called “Exceptional Arenas Make a Lasting Impression” and this class will help laser tag operators to identify what sets a truly exceptional arena apart, explore opinions about arenas from a recent survey of laser tag players and see these concepts illustrated with images of award-winning and specially recognized arenas from across the country while discussing what makes them stand out as impressive and unique. To learn more about the Laser Tag Convention, check out the full educational schedule at Schedule of Events ( I am looking forward to many exciting things happening in the coming weeks, so keep watching for lots more updates coming soon!

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