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Tron, Tron and… “Could Have Been” Tron?

I had a couple of Lasertron experiences while traveling in Texas.

The first was at Pinballz in Austin. Not the Pinballz my GPS took me to first, but laser tag was available at the other Pinballz location about ten minutes away.

Once I found the right location I was able to enjoy a nice, casual game of shields up/down tag with a really fun group inside a nicely designed, newer looking, single level Lasertron arena.

I experienced even more Tron at Grand Station Entertainment in College Station, TX.

It was another enjoyable game, this time in a sharp looking double level arena.

What you have probably noticed is that Lasertron arenas can be unique, but all have a very similar and easily identifiable look about them. So, that’s what stood out to me about what I will call a “could have been Tron” arena located inside Main Event Austin.

Let me be clear, Main Event Austin is running Delta Strike equipment, just like every other Main Event I have visited.

However, because most Main Events all have exactly the same arena design, I have been able to take a series of nearly identical photographs by posing in the exact same spots in every Main Event arena…except this one!

This arena had none of the same uniform elements I have been regularly looking for at other Main Events. Instead, it is very clearly a Lasertron style arena operating with Delta Strike gear.

Could this have been a Lasertron site in the past? I think that is quite likely, but I’m not absolutely certain. Regardless, this Main Event will stand out in my mind as being unique. I could not take my traditional series of photos here, however the ones I did take are more interesting as a result!

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