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An Interview with David Stay

This week I had the opportunity to have a conversation with David Stay (formerly known as David Anthony) who played the role of Mandarr on the 1986 Photon television series. This program was introduced at the height of the popularity of the original laser sport of the same name. In the years since it has become a piece of 80s nostalgia and a cult classic among fans. I remember watching this show as a young girl and it served as my earliest introduction to the concept of laser tag. David Stay is an actor, director, producer and writer. He is also a two time award winning film maker and a best actor nominee for the movie "The Sphere of the Lycanthrope". I want to thank David for offering some wonderful insights about his experiences on the show as well as details about the projects he has been working on since.

It was wonderful to have the chance to talk with David. You can find out more about him at

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