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The First Appearance of "Tiviachick"

Last night I had the chance to implement my game plan for my Tiviachick membership and very nearly went from zero to six in one night. Actually I started out kicking it into high gear very quickly (and thoroughly confusing everyone who knows I'm a six, saw me sign in and then watched me do my thing without those restrictions). And you know was just FUN like in the beginning. Now, if you want to know WHY I'm doing this, just go back and read my "Where is Home" post from last week.

I won most of the early games (and as a lower level that just makes sense, even though it doesn't prove much) and it was interesting to FEEL the shift of each level as I was aware of the changes as the night progressed. Only once did I either drop the ball (or possibly I can equate this to a smaller field of players this one game) and got a score that significantly altered what I was working towards. However, I got eight standard games in by the end of the night...if we hadn't done a couple of special games in the mix or if the night had gone to 2:00 A.M. as normal I could have done it in one shot. I got a standard game high score of over 16,000 (I know that may not sound like much compared to the last couple Zone trips, but it definitely works for me and this objective) and I'm only two games away from earning the level six all over again.

I should be clear, this means NOTHING. It simply makes my ego feel better to have gone in and played hard and not been taken down by level ones simply because I was playing at a higher level. Instead, I'm really just going backwards because I can. But I'm also setting myself up for this to be the account I protect from here on in. If I can play these two more games without anything going wrong and keep a good average in the process then Tiviachick may replace Tivia as my guarded member name.

As I mentioned, if the game play continued through 2:00 in the morning as has been the norm then this goal would already be behind me. However, they are doing something different now and ending the night with a half hour Ironman round. This was a good time. I didn't realize how quickly a half hour can fly! I came in third, but was happy enough with that. I paced myself, especially because my ankle was acting up (my physical therapist is going to start getting irritated that he does such good work to heal me during the week and then I go and undo it on the weekends!) and was pleasantly surprised by something else...the music! I came out and was commenting that I didn't know where that music mix came from, but it took me back in time to the music I played during my early start in radio. It was 1997 in that arena last night and it was awesome! That was my era...although I imagine some of these guys must think I'm from a time before that and maybe think I'm older than I actually am since they perceive me as an "original" Photon player...which of course I am not. But that distinction doesn't really matter...not when each time out I hear more and more young kids asking to play Photon there. Add that little gem to the night and it was a pretty good evening all around.

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