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An Interview with Erik Guthrie and a New Look for the Website

This past week I had a chance to interview Erik Guthrie, curator of the Laser Tag Museum in Louisville, KY. I thought he had some very informative and interesting views to share about the past, present and future of the laser tag industry...

Big thanks to him for taking the time to "talk tag". I am appreciative of the interview and I am also glad to be able to debut it along with the newly revamped website I have been preparing for the last few weeks. You can check it out here...

Or it's possible you might already be reading this right on the site because I am now hosting my blog in two locations. From now on you can find it under "Tiv Talks Tag" on the website and also in its original location at Whichever place you are reading this, I thank you for checking it out!

If you have comments or questions please visit my websites at (new version finally launched!) and or email me at

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