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Is This Normal?

I was very excited about the prospect of being able to play some Q-Zar during an upcoming trip where I will be close enough to make a drive to Long Island. When I learned there was a Q-Zar facility that close to my target destination (Staten Island) I figured it would be well worth making a day trip. Sadly, that will not be possible. In fact, I'm finding it incredibly difficult to make arrangements to play laser tag anywhere in that general area and it has really surprised me. I thought that by planning ahead I would be able to make reservations if necessary and be able to explore some new places and, if all went well, get some practice on this unfamiliar system prior to it coming up first at the end of the month. However, the problem is this...I am looking to play on a Saturday during the day. That's it. Silly me, I want to play laser tag on a weekend during the day since I have plans that will keep me from being able to play during the evenings. What I have discovered is that a great many places in the NYC vicinity (and by that I mean within a 50 mile radius of my hotel on S.I.) have their days committed to exclusive parties and will not take walk-up players. I called about nine different locations and, with only a couple of exceptions, found that either the facility was not the right match for what I wanted to do or, more commonly, was just booked solid during the day with their exclusive groups. Well, glad I am calling well in advance. I'm just a little astonished. Maybe I've been spoiled, but locally I take for granted I can hop in my car on the weekend and go play whenever I only concern being making sure there are other players around that early in the day. And in fairness, I don't usually play during the daytime...but it never occurred to me that I couldn't. So, I have to this normal? Am I in a fortunate locale where I have several choices that make it easy for me while the rest of the world has to plan around the "exclusive party" business? Is this maybe the norm in bigger cities? I don't know. I know I wasn't expecting it to be as big of a challenge as it appears to be and I will in all likelihood plot out a day trip into New Jersey (one facility in the Garden state said they were pretty well booked, but if I wanted I could get in between 10:00-11:30 A.M. so I guess I have to count myself lucky for any time) and just explore. Sigh. Quite a bummer though because I was definitely looking forward to the idea of playing some Q-Zar. Maybe next time.

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