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Perpendicular Lines

Tonight I had an opportunity to practice some SM5. Thank goodness! It is rather humbling in a way because this is new territory for me. Now, I've shared plenty of stories of the experiences I've had playing laser tag all over the place and for the most part I walk away feeling like I am on top of the game...however you rise to the level of the water around you and now it's time to wade into deeper waters. That means learning some new things...and clearly I'm still learning. I think I am picking it up, but the only way to make progress is to dive right in and do it. So that's what I am doing and there is a lot to absorb. Each game continues to reinforce what I am seeing come into play, however the big thing I took away from tonight...perpendicular lines.

I observed an explanation of keeping sight lines for the sensors with a particular way of holding the phaser.

So for the rest of the night I made a conscious effort to hold my phaser in a perpendicular line to my upper body. I was VERY aware that this is not how I typically hold my phaser, perhaps in part because of how I play Zone where I can angle my shots sideways which allows me to protect my chest sensor with my arm. But this was good to be conscious of. And what I was equally aware of was this crazy/random earworm song from Square One TV in the eighties that got stuck in my head all night..."Perpendicular Lines". So, there's my takeaway from tonight. Where on earth did that come from?! Tomorrow...straight up tag...maybe with a nineties soundtrack :)

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