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The Unexplored Option

Despite a tornado watch in the area I decided to brave the weather and head out for some laser tag tonight. Unfortunately, I was the only one. I hung out for 45 minutes, but when the crowds of players failed to show on this rainy night I decided to try to salvage some tag elsewhere. All things being equal I would have preferred to stay at Force, but since things were quiet I decided to visit an arena I don't think I have mentioned before in this blog (mostly because I haven't been to this center since well before I started blogging). It's the sister arena to the Zone center I frequent most often. I won't go into why I opted against playing here for so long, but I will say that when I called ahead to the other locations they seemed to be the only ones who were busy on this dreary evening.

They use Nexus packs here so I chatted with the owner about differences between Nexus and Rift packs. I took the opportunity to inquire about why they don't play more of a variety of the games with the infinite Nexus options.

He says it's too complicated for the less avid player, unlike myself. I asked how it was that he pegged me as an avid player without ever having met me before. He said it was first because of the very fact that I was discussing the differences between Nexus and Rift and secondly because of my shirt...forgot what I was wearing. I guess I'm not really incognito tonight.

My first game I came in second by a shallow margin. That surprised me. Until the next round when there was a first time player so the game was explained and a point of note I was unaware of came up. Apparently in this arena you can get each of the bases twice per game instead of just once. Interesting...yep, that little fact would have covered the difference. Next game, knowing this useful tidbit, the win was mine.

Another interesting point with this system, if two players shoot a base at the same time they split the points. I was trying to convey that to my teammates, but in the heat of battle sometimes info doesn't take.

By the second half of the night I was texting the Force center to see if the turnout warranted my returning because things had gotten quiet where I was. Still, it was a change of pace, so I stuck with Zone. There were fewer players, but a few older, experienced guys were there to make it interesting. And two enthusiastic young boys who followed me around proclaiming to anyone in earshot that I was the gotta love an ego boost like that :)

Although this was not where I expected to end up tonight it was an enjoyable experience that gave me a chance to play in a different arena using some different equipment, which can only be an asset.

Speaking of assets, referring back to a goal of mine from a couple of weeks back, here's this month's top 10 list from where I play Force. Goal set, goal achieved...

And one final thought for the night, here's a plug for an upcoming event...

Phocon is returning to XP Lasersport in Laurel, Maryland! They are selling tickets in advance to make certain it can all be pulled together. If you love Photon and want to play with the original equipment that has been rebuilt to enjoy 31 years later, then check this out and support these guys in the next ten days!

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