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"How's NOT playing laser tag?" Well, Barney...


I'm ready to play laser tag. I find it really ridiculous that I can't.

Since the next tournament is a Zone competition I figured I would show up at the local center that uses Nexus and mix it up some. I also thought I'd use tonight as a solo practice opportunity before tomorrow when I hope to work on some teamwork with my local teammate. However, I am instead sitting here in the outer lobby NOT playing laser tag because the weather is beautiful and nobody has bothered to show up tonight. And while I am killing it at the Wheel of Fortune video game, this is most definitely not what I came here to all! Here's what I have achieved so far tonight...

It's been almost an hour now...

(Sound of crickets...)

Ok, Laserforce it is. Heading over to the other arena in hopes that there are people there, even though I know that the best regulars are pretty much all in Colorado at the NATS right now.

8:30...still haven't played any tag yet. Ok, a game is going in.

Beggars can't be choosers. This is a really tame game with some little kids and some bigger kids, but not a game where I belong. I didn't sign in as a six because I know I'm about to get chased be a swarm of little beings and I'm just not up for that. However, I don't want to be a monster so I'm not really chasing them. This is NOT playing laser tag. This is walking around an arena feeling like a bully who is fighting every impulse to play because it's not sporting. However, I came here for a game so if they cross my be it. Why is it so hard to just play some laser tag tonight?!

Another game. Signing in as six because it's the only way it's even close to right.

Free for all...with one other level six. However, he's pushing for the win by zeroing in on me, so we're at least entertaining each other. least it's a game...a very slight game. All in all this night is mostly a washout, so let me answer..."How's NOT playing laser tag?" Not nearly as good as playing laser tag will be tomorrow!

Addendum: For a couple of games Cass was putting me on a team with the older kids/teens playing against the really little kids and I couldn't quite grasp why. When I asked she said it was because the older ones didn't really know how to play and also because they were trying to tire the little ones out...ha, can do! Best moment of the night....when I deliberately turned my back on the littlest one who was lamenting "I'll never win" and he got his "ha-ha...I got you!" Then once the kids left we got to play some real tag with the handful of the better employee-players who were hanging out at that point. So...I did get to play some laser tag tonight after all :)

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