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Tuesday Night Tag

Past experience has taught me that weeknights are generally a waste of time for trying to play laser tag, but this is not the case in Albany. Their wristband nights are on Tuesday and Thursday rather than Friday and Saturday (as is the case in Syracuse) so they seem to pull a better crowd on these evenings. And since I am not going to be able to get out there on Thursday I thought some Tuesday night tag would be well worth exploring...and it was.

First game out was solid...I won, but exerted a little bit of effort, so it was the right combination to start the night. During the second game two unusual things happened. First, Paul joined me to play. Second, they were doing some repair work on the bridge and had caution tape blocking off a portion of it. It was early, so a ton of kids got in on that game and because of the blockage on the bridge there was one less exit route and they were constantly and literally underfoot. Now, kids in the game are fine, but the congested traffic on the bridge was problematic...I felt like a cranky old lady playing while stepping over and around them! I only took third and Paul pulled second…so you know I couldn't let that stand :) I took the high point win on every game that followed that night until Paul left (he only stuck it out for a few rounds) and then even afterwards. However, I just was not feeling it tonight, scores aside.

A little after 8 o'clock I left in a weird fog, deciding to call it a night early. That is very out of character for me. Oddly, I felt ready to leave because of that winning streak. At that point I had taken first in six out of seven games (the one with the kids underfoot being the was predominantly an older group the rest of the night) and I was doing little more than holding the bridge and sniping. It just didn't feel like purposeful playing and I had no heart in it. It felt like I was just denying the others a chance. Really, I had nothing left to prove here and if I wasn't going to use this for some decent practice time for the tournament, what was even the point?

I did leave. I drove around the block, got a cup of coffee, started to head home and then turned my car around and headed back towards the arena. If this night had up to now just been target practice and not quality playing practice that's on me. I did not plan my night around this trip only to sacrifice the last hour because I "wasn't into it" this evening. So, mental reset time. LET'S PLAY TAG!

I went back in and found a group was about to go in. Ok, we're going to work on keeping sensors unblocked (high shooting is easier with infusion packs, but I would make a conscious effort this round) and I was ready to play it out hard...

One player (a teenage guy on the other team) barreled up the bridge with support following behind. He said "I suggest if you don't want to lose that you leave this bridge. You see...I have the pack with invincibility." To which I replied (with all the Batman I could put into my voice) "I think not. You Tivia." Game on, my friend, game on. And you know what happened?

That's right. There was some appropriate irony that I had picked the pack called "The Dark Knight" :)

If we had stopped right there it still would have been well worth it that I returned to the arena. That game (in fair part due to that teenager's challenging me) was played with some fire and enthusiasm. Thank you to all for making it a quality game.

Then things got quieter. There were a couple of guys there who could have played the last game, but as it ended up Lexy (who works here, but had the night off and was just playing as a civilian tonight) and I went in for a one on one. As it happens, Lexy is the only person who has ever beaten me in a one on one in this arena, so this was bound to be a good rematch. The game was one of the best of the night. I thoroughly enjoyed playing this round. I took the Lexy, we're one and one now. Tiebreaker next time? :)

It has been easier than I thought to work trips to Albany into my schedule during the week. After the last few times going out there on a Tuesday or Thursday I can see these are definitely the nights to focus on which is great because that leaves my weekends free for Syracuse. This is about as balanced a Zone regimen as I think I could ask for in this last month preparing for the tournament. Philly Invites, here I come!

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