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Playing in Philly

OK, technically this arena is just outside of Philadelphia in Bensalem, but I was really glad to get an opportunity to check out the Ultrazone where we will be playing in the tournament in a few weeks. I have to say I was really impressed! When we walked in there was a full house in the lobby. A great crowd, predominantly adults, and it looked like they have a thriving playing scene out here...which makes obvious sense and was nice to see. I met the organizer of the event who was great and got us into a game immediately. My first game I really didn't play...took a shot here or there, but my primary focus was walking through the arena to get a feel for the place and some familiarity with the layout. The second game however, I played it out. Considering the location and that it was a packed game with 37 players, it meant more than usual to come out of that game and find my pack number was in first place!

Yay to that...and time to call it a night early because between work and travel I had been on the road for over twelve hours. We'd return the next day.

The next day I arrived with Paul and Damon (my Philly based friend) and we were WAY too early for anyone else...which I expected at that hour. However, it was great because the game masters there let me take a tour of the arena before we started a game and I was able to get some nice insights into this arena that I wasn't able to appreciate the night before.

We played a one on one on one game, but decided that with just the three of us we would move on. It's cool, I'll have a chance to play again soon. I didn't play as much as I hoped this time around, but the time I got there was really worthwhile and I look forward to going back to Ultrazone soon.

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