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Back in Bensalem

My last couple of weeks have been so crazy/hectic that it's tough to believe I played at the Ultrazone five hours from where I live on Sunday and somehow life landed me right back there Thursday night! So I was back in Bensalem for a few rounds before meeting up with some of my closest friends for our favorite weekend of the year! :)

I played four rounds that night. I was top score in every game, which is good for confidence, but means very little as far as what I will encounter in two weeks. However, the experience of playing in this space was what I came for. I only wish that at this point (two weeks out from the tournament) they had the new Helios system installed as I really would have liked to play using those new packs.

The games were predominantly teenagers, many I could tell played there often. During the second game I was on an all girl team. Both of the other teams were filled entirely with young guys and the girls on my team whispered nervously "we're gonna get wrecked." I said "no, we won't". I made it my mission that game to play hard and carry this team as best I could to make sure that didn't happen because I don't ever want any girl to walk away feeling like we can't do this because of who we are up against. Now, looking at the results our red team was not first, but I am pleased to say that it was hardly getting "wrecked" :)

So ladies, don't ever let those guys intimidate you. Play hard and show them what you've got. I had a blast playing with them before taking off for the rest of a weekend of Music and Magic.

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