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Football?! Seriously?!

Football?! Seriously?!

I set out last night to return to my favorite Laserforce arena that I had been MIA from for the last two months while focusing solely on Zone. I was pumped up from the last tournament and ready to play...but I was the only one. There was NOBODY there except a couple of the staff members. It was deader than dead and I didn't know why, but they did...a high school football game was taking place and everyone was there.

Football?! Seriously?! Football ruined my wasn't even a Syracuse University game! I spent about a half hour talking with one of the regulars/staffers about tournament rules before abandoning this effort and heading over to my Zone arena...where it was equally empty. What is up with this? Now, I am a person who has only attended one high school football game in my life (and that was under duress) so I really don't get the appeal. How can one game basically put everything else in town at a standstill?

Neither location would sell me a game pass because there was nobody else around for me to play against, but at least here there was some slight optimism that if anyone bought a single game I could easily jump into the game with them. well, that eventually happened. Four kids bought a game pass so I handed my punch card to Kevin and said "beggars can't be choosers", but the truth was I could have chosen a better re-entry to tag. If I didn't have to drive an hour and a half just to get to the arena I would have just gone home. But this appeared to be my only opportunity to play tonight, so I accepted it.

The problem with not being more choosy about games is that once in the vesting room those four kids went two on red and two on blue. I took a lone vest on green, but felt pathetic for even entering the arena this night, so I played it differently. I played the game standing in one place. Other than taking the base points when I knew they were vacant I just stood in the back hallway next to the game master for the entire game and only picked them off if they happened past that one spot. It was pointless.

I'm not sure if I am mildly proud or thoroughly embarrassed that I did actually win just off the points acquired while standing still. I rationalize that they knew where I was and didn't have to keep coming at me. But as I left the arena and looked at the scoreboard I shook my head that this was the result of my night and the only tag I was going to get to play this evening. So all in all, this doesn't count for anything. This was a Friday that would have been better spent staying home...or trying to figure out what the fuss is about high school football in this town!

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