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Force and Zone Collide

When I arrived for tag last night I had a moment of panic when for the second night in a row I was told I was the only one there. Fortunately that was short lived and it turned into a great night. I was the only one there from our team and the first round was a smaller group, so I hoped more people would show later on, which they did. Early on I felt unstoppable. For awhile I was running a nice little streak of being first every game. However, at some point during the night I saw a shift in players that I didn't immediately recognize.

I saw one player from the other arena who is a very impressive tournament essence he is the one running "auditions" for the local Laserforce when I came in second to him by a scant 250 points I told him I hate it (and I love it) when the scores are close like that. For awhile I figured he was the only one visiting our Zone spot from Laserforce. I didn't immediately connect the dots until the next game when there were plenty of new players and one of them yelled "blocking" at me...that's when I realized our zone arena had been invaded by force players! :) And I was the only regular holding down the fort while these guys from the other arena came in a bit more like a team. Well, this chick was up for the challenge...

Had I not been away for so long I would have recognized a few of these faces faster (as I did soon enough), but tag is tag and even when someone looks familiar I don't always place where I know them from. Somehow I felt compelled to represent this arena particularly well tonight.

These were some competitive games and a very good night. It's too bad my teammates weren't around for this because I think it would have been a blast to collaborate again with this level of game play...and I wouldn't feel silly yelling "Cookie Monster" to myself. :)

The second to last game the numbers decreased and I was on a two man team with a teenager who had never played before this night. He picked it up very quickly and when he saw I took first in that game he said "I'm on your team from now on." Little did he know that the house would empty out before our final go around and we went in with a one on one on one including game master Kimmy (who does a great job and deserves a shout out).

Kimmy stepping up puts her in league with the Zero Gravity guys (and gal) who never let someone who wants to play be without a game, even if it's one on one. It was a great way to end a really good night.

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