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Unbelievable...I had the BEST TIME playing LAZER RUNNER!

Unbelievable...I had the BEST TIME playing LAZER RUNNER!

I can't believe I am writing these words, but I just had the BEST TIME playing LAZER RUNNER!

This morning started crazy early as I was driving Lauren to a competition (good luck!) and I didn't actually make it home at all from tag last night. Instead I stayed at my parents house which was closer to both destinations. After I dropped her off for the interviews I realized I had five hours to kill before the main event so I drove to Syracuse, but at 10:00 on a Sunday morning none of my usual arenas would be open (or have players) so I went to the Lazer Runner (aka laser tag lite) site in the mall and arrived just as they were unlocking the doors. I knew I was the first and only person in the place, but I asked if there was an employee who might go one on one in a match with me. Better than that, I actually got to go in against three game masters at once!

That was a first. One of them forewarned me that he knows the arena better than anyone and is the best player in the place. Hmmm...I love it when I hear someone talk like that because it's just as good as saying "game on". Anyone want to guess how that round ended?

I want to thank these three employees for stepping up to the challenge. We played three games and when we left the final round some of the other employees who were working at another facet of the amusement area were shouting that they were jealous their coworkers go to play tag instead of working. :)

Although the equipment is what it is, I had a great time and this was by far the best laser tag I could have asked for at 10:00 AM on a Sunday!

And a little extra...

Although not really related to laser tag, consider this next part Photon adjacent...on the same floor as the laser tag center I happened upon an interesting, fully immersive adventure center where you could select one of four interactive experiences. I must say the Deep Space adventure was like stepping right into a Photon episode! From the "beam you up" introduction...

To the M.O.M.-like console...

And the part I was best at...exploding space debris using a "laser"...

I went through the challenges with another woman and a young girl and together we walked through portals as we unlocked the challenges as a team...

And I was reminded of my time in Project Quest with some of the tasks, such as the "ship rewiring"...

Then entering a room that was reminiscent of the elevator scene from Willy Wonka and having a computer voice ala a female Hal tell us "I can't do that your name even Dave?" where I felt my age because I was the only one in the room that got the joke. :)

So again, it was not really about laser tag, but I certainly got a kick out of having the TV Tivia experience. :)

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