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Teammates in Toronto

I am just back from a weekend excursion to Toronto and I had a really fun opportunity to reunite with one of my Armageddon teammates, Giorgio, for some Laser Quest at his home site.

I brought along a group of my friends from the area and we had a great time enjoying a new setting (we went to the Toronto East location, which I had never played at before...we've gone to the Mississauga Quest in the past) and explored a cool arena playing one of the systems I don't get to experience often. Now, Giorgio plays as Onyx and was not going to be taken down this night (he's neck and neck right now with another player, duking it out for overall top placement in this arena...very impressive), but I held my own this time, pulling a rank in the top three.

And he gave me a very useful tip for Quest. In one on one dogfighting he told me to aim for the shoulder sensor (I'm more of a sniper accustomed to going for the chest sensor) and that made a huge difference once I started doing so.

My friends all had a good time as well (...ok, Ilana isn't really wild about kids, noise, crowds or yelling, so laser tag may just not be her thing), but otherwise we all had a blast. The guys all did well and Garth even won a couple of prize drawings.

Having shown up straight from supporting opening weekend on a movie we all had been involved with promoting at our event in August, we were wearing our movie t-shirts and someone stopped me during the game to ask if we directed the film. But I'll use this forum to say please give the director a break and go watch the film before you judge it.

Getting a chance to play Quest again was great. Playing with friends is even better. Had a great time in Toronto and I can't wait to go back!

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