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Not Quite Laser Tag...But Close

Last night before tag my friend Sandy and I did a zombie apocalypse paintball walk.

Ok, so not quite laser tag...but close. As "creatures" jumped out at us (or more accurately moaned and alerted us to where they were) we targeted them with balls of paint and one by one they all tumbled down.

We put on masks, which smelled awful, but gave the experience more of a Photon-like quality (except I could see better out of the paintball helmet).

My brother was working the equipment table and when we got back he said "you guys should have used a lot more paint." I argued that I shot and hit every creature that came at me, thank you very much.

Laser tag lesson learned: When you've got good aim you waste a lot less paint!

It was a muddy 15 minutes out in the dark woods. A good time, but not the adrenaline rush I get from a good game of tag. So after taking a photo with our group I decided some laser tag was exactly what I needed to occupy the rest of the night.

By the time I arrived the night was half over and a game was already in progress. Kevin let me jump right in, so I took both the other teams (and my own) by surprise by showing up mid-game. I played hard with hopes of pulling top rank in a round where I didn't play for the entire length of game. And like the butler...Did it. :)

The guys I was playing against came out and told me "you're a really good shot" said with complete shock and surprise. Smile and thank you. Next game the group of eleven of us split. The guys all went five and five (or as I look back on it, I guess it was four and six) on red and green teams so to mix it up I went rogue and played solo as a team of one on the blue. Could I pull it off playing entirely by myself and while being target number one for everyone else in that arena? it done.

That was fun. Actually the whole night was enjoyable and these guys were good competition even though there were not as many people to play against. Those who were there brought a good game and I had a good time playing with them for the remainder of the night.

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