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Last night was Halloween. I didn't play any laser tag, but instead I went to a party dressed like I was ready for laser space. I knew before leaving the house that my costume was not likely to be recognized by too many people at the party (although when my brother arrived he looked at me and said "nice" with recognition in his voice, so I think he may have been the only one who did get it), but nonetheless I decided this was the night to go out dressed as Tivia. This may require an explanation already. Aren't I Tivia? That's the player name I adopted years ago as a nod to a character on the 80s television series Photon based (loosely) around the original laser tag game. On the show there was a kick-ass ninja princess who was chosen to be part of an elite team based on her amazing laser tag skills. You can see why I chose this name, right? Well, tonight I also chose her costume...

If you want to compare and contrast here is my version of the outfit side by side with the original worn by Loretta Heywood, the actress who played Tivia when the show was shot in Japan. Now, mind you, Loretta went to Japan as a working model with an agency, so she could pull off that 80's spandex look way better, but for a modern adaptation I was pretty pleased with how my costume came out. I'm pretty detail oriented so my favorite touches were finding the mesh pattern on the silver body suit, getting those leg guards to stay in place (sort of...I was told by one of the actors they didn't really stay put while filming either) and the molded chest sensor (you know, because you need a target). So even though I didn't go out to laser tag, I was certainly ready if anyone aimed a phaser in my direction! :)

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