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Bye, Bye Mickey

I heard some news last night that saddened me. I was told that one of the local laser tag centers (albeit one I almost never went to) has closed. Now, I count myself very lucky to live in an area where I am in relatively close proximity to a fair number of laser tag options. But seriously, when I say "relatively close" I still mean an hour and a half or more depending on what I want to play. The locations I plan to visit soon in Rochester are three hours away and, to do them right, will necessitate staying overnight. So even though I have options, I sure don't have enough to think nothing of it when I hear one is closing.

What I will remember most about this facility is the rumor that the layout for the arena was designed based on Mickey Mouse's head. No idea if that is true or not, but if you squint while looking at the map you could sort of see it. I'll also remember Raj giving me a good run for my money, picking out the cooler prizes there and insisting a game master adjust his prepared briefing speech when I recognized and informed him that his base values were incorrect. I'll remember the girls who thought they knew all the rules...but didn't. I'll remember the feel of trying Nexus for the first time. But most of all, I'll remember Mickey in the map. Thanks for the memories!

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