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It Means Nothing? I Can't Even Process That!

It's funny the things I care about at laser tag and the things I don't. Most of the time I could care less about accuracy as long as I'm racking up the points. As my strong suit is as a sniper, if it sometimes takes an extra shot I'm still getting my target. Meanwhile, tonight I was playing SM5 and found myself focusing on the bases (proud of myself for taking them very quickly in the first game) and just staying alive (which I did right up until the last three seconds) and picking off any target with more experience (which is just about everyone who comes out for SM5). What I don't pay any attention to are the achievements. No idea how they work, what I've done to earn them or what to do once I've got one. But as I am still learning I got inquisitive tonight and asked about the little trophy icon next to my two bases. I was told that I unlocked an achievement. Ok, that's cool...what does that mean? I was shown my latest on the monitor.

My achievement was "You'll Be Back...return and play a game on another day." What?! What does that even mean? The general consensus is that it means absolutely nothing. Clearly...but to me that particular achievement is so...random...that "it means nothing" is so accurate I can't even deal with it. I love a trophy (even a digital icon of one), but it HAS to mean SOMETHING! If all it means is I appear likely to return...well, that sounds more like an achievement I might get next time I actually do return!

I may be dwelling on this achievement because it's easier than dwelling on the fact that I thought I played pretty well that game, but my scores seem to indicate otherwise. Sigh. Now I was in the same range as a few others, so maybe it's just tough for me to identify where my scores realistically should be landing at this point. Second game felt like I performed weaker, but I had a slightly higher (though not by all that much) score. It's tough to go from being a top dog in certain arenas to recognizing your weaknesses in other scenarios like this. I think I have to just focus on the personal improvement (forget scores, I know I played better this time than last time) and just not sweat the numbers because I know I'm playing with a whole different dynamic here. Like the last game when I played my bases, stayed alive...and I know in that position that means I was doing my part. So I guess I just need to keep persevering at SM5...and keep unlocking meaningless digital achievements. :)

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