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Well, coming off of last weekend's tournament where I was playing incredibly hard against some top level competitors there is a really comfortable ease in returning to a simple night of regular game play at my home arena. Last night at tag everything felt natural and easy...instinctive really. Like every shot was clean, on point and delivered with purpose. Maybe it's just because I'm re-reading Thieves of Light, but what it best compares with is a scene out of a book where everything is going just right in the game and you feel that momentum carry through in every action of the game. It was a really enjoyable way to play while completing another evening with an undefeated streak. And it was even more fun to play the game with Lauren who got to play laser tag for the very first time and did really well with it!

I love that now a couple of my "valley girls" have come out to experience laser tag...and I'm pretty sure Lauren is likely to return based on the great time we had playing and the success she had from the start (and the adulation of a couple of kids who were very quickly impressed). It's cool to watch someone who is brand new to tag take to it so well and so quickly. Although I'm not surprised because I think she probably shares many of the attributes that I have which make me love the game so much. For those of us with a competitive nature I think that is probably part of what makes this sport so appealing...and whether it's for rhinestones or bases, healthy competition makes things fun and interesting. Maybe that's something else that is instinctive in me. :)

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