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Amazing Weekend

It's exactly one month (well, last night it was exactly one month) until International Laser Tag Day! Are we all going to get out and celebrate the beginning of the laser tag industry with the anniversary of the opening of the first Photon arena? Laser tag day is happening again on March 28th.

Here's a link to the event as promoted through the Laser Tag Museum, so please check it out and get out there tagging! But why wait...let's talk about this weekend. It really was quite a weekend made even better with some laser tag added to the mix for good measure. I didn't get out to tag on Friday because I was occupied "working" at a concert event...I got to dance on stage with Salt N Pepa and Tone Loc and got kissed by Coolio, so all in all I can barely call this work. Sometimes my job really has extraordinary perks! :)

So instead I went out on Saturday. It was an opportunity to play some quality tag both with and against my teammates including the latest addition to our league team, Facundo, who is stepping in for Tyler. Joe was pretty much riding a winning streak and I was ok with pulling second for most of the games, but that was done several times by playing against the guys and that makes it a lot more interesting. It makes us all work harder. :) And I did get a couple of wins myself, but I think our group just collectively enjoyed the affirmation game after game that we were the top players in the arena each round. It was also good to learn our new player's strengths by going head to head with him. Morning came extra early as I was traveling to Buffalo today. I had a really cool opportunity to get backstage to meet a woman who has been an inspiration to me since the beginning of my competition days...Leanza Cornett, Miss America 1993.

And since I was going to pass right by, I couldn't resist making a stop over to Lasertron. I know if I stuck around Buffalo I probably could have gotten into their special ops night, but I went to Rochester instead since it was on my way home. One session was all I had time for, so I had to make this one count.

And four times that session my pack alerted me that I was the high score player every time. Now, it was in the tactical arena (I know I should be practicing in sport, but it's my weekend and I played what I prefer). And I was happy that I had the time to fit some Lasertron into my weekend.

A couple of my scores were among the top scores of the day...

And I walked away with a souvenir to boot.

So it was a pretty great weekend all the way around. :)

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