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I jokingly say that the other night was the night that we all got put in our place…but in actuality it was just a really great learning experience to have our league team getting some practice with different game formats in a different space than where we typically play. In our home arena we are all top players, but this night was a whole other game. We were on different turf playing a different system and appreciative of the guidance from those who are the more experienced players here. We had four of us there from the Return of the Jim Jim Squad...or Vision/Fission...or whatever we actually end up calling ourselves for the league! :)

Working on specific skill sets was part of the game plan early in the night before moving on to some SM5 later on. It's quite a change from the norm, even though several of us have played a bit of Force's been more limited in "real" play. For me a lack of patience in missiling is my Achilles heel, but "knowing is half the battle." So that's part of what I tried to work on. But when it came time for some SM5 there was a lot more for us to try to put together. I want to thank the group we were playing with for all being very cool about using this night for teaching skills and concepts well. Special shout out to Abby, Lenny and Nate for each offering some specific guidance and useful tips throughout the night.

One beneficial aspect of the night was getting to perch above the arena to observe a match with the arena's A and B teams.

This bird's eye view affords a very different perspective and reinforced a lot, particularly the importance of good communication and the primary purpose of particular roles. All in all, this was probably one of the most beneficial nights I've spent learning and working on skills outside of my norm. Again, thanks to the whole crew who came out on Sunday to make it really worthwhile.

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