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Happy International Laser Tag Day!

Yes, today is International Laser Tag Day. It is also Monday, therefore every laser tag center in the area is closed. Sigh...but it's ok because I played every day this weekend so I got my fill and have time to recap since I must have the day off from work for a holiday like this, right? Oh...well, my boss says no, back to work. Anyhow, the weekend was good and I got in three consecutive days of tag. Friday we got the team together as best we could (3/5) at the Force arena to just get some arena time in and work out a bit of strategy. There were some moments that really reinforced that some internal strategy we’ve discussed has excellent results when actually put into play. Then Saturday was a Zone night. Had a great time as always, although I’ll acknowledge that something felt slightly off kilter. I won’t blame the pack, but something was a little off…five feet from Joe I continuously missed on a courtesy shot? Seriously? But perhaps I was just preoccupied with performing little skits at the counter to make our game master notice this awesome shirt…

It's officially Kevin's catch phrase, which seemed all the more apropos only because (as it turns out) apparently some people actually were not being all that nice to each other in the arena. My overly dramatic "what was that cardinal rule again?" and "Tyler, are you TRYING to make me cry?" laments were as phony and over the top as could be, but with real stuff on his mind these concocted dramatizations got no play and they went right over his head. payoff for my attempt at tag humor! Then on Sunday, in spite of it being Easter (and the night of a big SU game) a group gathered for some SM5. Honestly, I still feel very detached from this, but I wanted to put in some time and effort. I failed miserably as resupply in the first game of the night and things were not improving much after that. But I did have one brief moment of glory in the last game I played before calling it a night. My entire team was huddled in the resupply alcove...a tight fit which momentarily made them sitting ducks. I saw the player from the green team make his move and in one of those perfect slow-motion split seconds I got my shot off a fraction of a moment faster than he did and deactivated him. Awesome moment, awesome feedback...for literally about a second. Then someone took me out, ironically before I could get my own resupply shots, but what can you do. I felt like I had taken one for the team and left feeling, well, a little less like I'd walked out of a scene from Invasion of the Body Snatchers...but also like I'd gotten something worthwhile out of this night, even if just in that second. So three nights of tag will be my effort towards the celebration of International Laser Tag Day. The light still shines! :)

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