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Armageddon Girl Stays Home

We received word (and refunds) this morning that this year's Armageddon multi-system laser tag tournament would not be going forward. Sigh. I had been optimistic about the chance to play on a draft team (which, BTW, is not generally my feeling about drafts) as it seemed like a chance to beat the odds while getting in on some serious competition. But lack of commitments (i.e. players getting their deposits in on time) killed this year's event.

Now, I recognize that sometimes life gets in the way and you can't feasibly do every event that comes along. However, for those who were vocal (in one of two ways...if you've been there you get it) about this...Bueller? Bueller? Where did you go?

This is like eating at my favorite restaurant…follow me here. I love sushi (a transparent analogy for laser tag, but a totally true statement also). It isn't the most popular food in the area where I live, so sometimes I walk into my favorite restaurant and it is empty. But I know that if I don't purchase my meal and support this restaurant that I may not be able to enjoy sushi there in the future.

I have my own ideas about why Armageddon went down like this, but it is mostly boils down to a matter of personal accountability to follow through. That's all I have to say about that. But to those who were signed up, paid and prepped to do this I say thank you for stepping up and I'll share this as an appreciative Armageddon girl...

(and the link is gone, but if anyone remembers Alta Dustin, her song "Armageddon Girl" rocks!)

My final thoughts...

I'd like to thank Ricky and all who had a hand in trying to pull this together. I was among the 22 paid and ready to go. As a first time player last year I had looked forward to continuing with it, learning more from the veterans and bringing a stronger game. As an organizer for events myself I can appreciate how difficult it is to get people to commit (and I also respect that if it's just not feasible for some that's fine). But perhaps the draft idea should not be discarded all together. Maybe next time around (and I am optimistic there will be a "next time") there's a way to include teams plus a separate side draft event? I played in the Philly Invites last year and thought that offered the best of both experiences. Call this a time to regroup, but to Ricky, thank you for all your effort to provide an awesome competitive experience for veterans and newer players.

So...Baltigeddon next?

Comments or questions?

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