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Team Deathmatch

"Big Tiv" has decided to accentuate the positives this morning...and, by the way, that nickname is NOT one of them! :) I will start by feeling good about the fact our team won a third of the games we played despite having only half of our expected team there. Here's how the night started…

I walked in and Beanz asked me what was up with my team. Until that moment I had no reason to think that anything was up with my team...surprise! For various reasons three out of the six of us were MIA as of the start time. Sigh. This was me at about quarter after five last night...

We were all brainstorming for replacements who might be able to drop everything at a moment's notice (not so easy) and about an hour later the games got started with Lenny and J-Dawg thankfully subbing in. Huge shout out to those two! If you are counting, you are correct that that only adds up to five players. We were not the only ones in this boat, so we just played with teams of five last night. I maintain my quiet opinion that we should have remained a five man league from the get-go, but que sera.

So we played rounds of Team Deathmatch. In short, Capture The Flag with no flags. Instead you could tag a base for a power-up or special mode (stealth, invulnerability, rapid fire, etc.), but you had to cycle the bases before going back for more. And you have to tag someone five times before they deactivate. As a game format it was a little...well, all over the place. But enjoyable. And we had some success while learning the game (which was a brand new format to several of us).

There were a few other games that were close. There were also a couple where our team didn't win, but I enjoyed some "personal victories". Nuff said.

We were supposed to play some Photon at the end of the night to compensate for lost games because the league will not be playing next week. However, after a late start and the time it would have taken to explain the game we ended up pushing those games off for now. It's cool, I was ready to call it a night by then anyhow.

Bringing this full circle, I will end on another nails were on point. Ok, you say why do I keep posting photos of my manicure?

Well, this week they are looking a bit like laser tag accessories, so I'm going to consider that a victory too. :)

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