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Perhaps what is most astonishing to me is that this post is NOT titled "This Is Why We Can't Have Nice Things" a league. I swear that on Friday I was convinced that the league would be over and I would be figuring out how to explain "tag credit" as a good thing. Knowing in advance that two players were away on vacation I had made arrangements for Tyler and Spencer to fill in. However, I couldn't account for three more people on our team not showing up for one reason or another. And there were other teams in that same boat also. I definitely believe that if this team wasn't bringing new people into the center to be part of this that they would have scrapped it after week three. And yet...astonishingly...we continue. :)

With two first time subs and three random rotators, no two games had the team look the same twice. Actually, that would be accurate to say about every session so far. I am pretty much chalking up the night to an opportunity for experience. I view it as practice for the two "tiny tournaments" coming up this week. We played Masters this week. It felt…ironic.

Something else I find astonishing is that considering how good I feel about my playing in a lot of circumstances (and certainly more so in other arenas) that I keep subjecting myself to situations that tend to slap that right out of me. I must always bear in mind that, like with many things, there are growing pains and a learning curve for almost all of this. While it is humbling, that is probably a good thing in the long run towards making me a more prepared player...but, damn, that is a tough pill to swallow some days! But we persevere, we play and we have a good time or else there is no point. After all, it is only laser tag. :)

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