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League Finals

We played in the league finals last night and I have to say I was pleased with how things started out. The format to be played each round was determined by a random spin of a wheel with ten potential game formats that could come up. Our team was up first and our first format was...PHOTON!!! I was really proud of my team. This was new to them all (I'm the only one who had ever played any Photon at all...and my experience with playing it is EXTREMELY limited, although obviously this was just the Laserforce emulation) and we got to select team color. Anyone who knows about it will probably not be surprised that I chose for our team to play red. We were playing against the team that had ranked the highest in the league up to this point. During the course of this first game our team was up by 800 points from the get-go, however the lead changed several times during the course of the game. It was close. However, in the end we came out of that round with a victory. :)

It felt good to win at Photon. When it came up on the wheel there was a resounding wave of groans and I seemed to be the only one pleased with the format. This is not a game I am particularly good at, but everyone knows it is my sentimental favorite for other reasons.

We went back in immediately for a second round against the same team, this time playing on the green team. Although our team lost this round, I at least felt good that I put "Tivia" in the top spot while playing Photon.

I know that nobody else here can appreciate why that was cool (especially while keeping a realistic perspective of the scores), but maybe somebody out there who understands Photon will read about this and smile because they "get it".

When the scores were calculated between those rounds to determine which team advanced we were behind by only 30 points...about a shot and a half!

We were eliminated in the masters round, but I am still proud of the team. We have struggled this entire league with attendance and consistent participation, but at least we had a core group here to represent, so thanks to Joe, Tommy and Spencer for being there (and Mitch who wasn't there tonight, but was with us from the start). Also, congratulations to the league winners...whoever they may be. Believe it or not we got down to the final two teams with one game left to go and...they decided to break for SM5 and not finish up the finals. They'll get around to it another day. All I can say is "wow".

However, all the teams did a great job and it was wonderful to play against solid competitors over the last seven weeks. Every experience is a chance to learn, to grow and to improve and I feel like in spite of the challenges (or maybe even because of them) we gained quite a bit throughout the process. So that makes it an overall win in my book. :)

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