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Battle For The Fort - Day 3: Ascendance Ascends!

LOR ascensions began around 7:00 on Saturday evening and I wanted to cheer on my teammates who were doing really well. Amber made it into the ascensions and made us really proud. And Alex did awesome pulling fifth place in the elite division. Go team!

French format we pretty much just played to play. I volunteered to be one of the four to go in, knowing that nobody else was all that eager to do so. But at least it was over quickly and we could focus on the main event that mattered to competition.

We entered the first round of ascensions going up against the Misfits and Going Gorillas teams. Our first game Ascendance pulled second, but that was good enough to keep us in the game. The second game was an exact tie on the scoreboard...however, due to a tick for the other team Ascendance came in first! That was a nail biter and exciting to see up on the scoreboard!

In the third game the score would have put us in second, but DiZ was ejected over a tick involving corking at the base entrance that was not his fault. The matter was brought up for dispute and eventually decided in our team's favor. That was enough to put us into the semifinals!

Once in the semifinals I wanted to bring my best game for this team. I ended up in second place on our team that game and we pulled a second place finish, so on we played! At one point (and I genuinely don't believe he meant this in a rude way, but rather amazed) someone came up to me and said "how is your team still in this?" to which I replied "a lot of heart and a lot of want." :)

That was the most truthful answer. Everyone wanted to prove our worth. Our team placed third in the next two games in the semifinals, so we didn't advance any further. However, we pulled a fifth place finish that we were all elated with. It felt like the achievement of something that was hard fought for and that most people didn't expect out of our team...that was an amazing feeling for everyone involved!

There was still about a half hour of finals competition left before the awards ceremony. We enjoyed some team time together in the back party room we had taken over. Then when the awards were given there was an extra cool surprise. Jammies was named Rookie of the Year!

So all in all Battle For The Fort was a success that proved that Team Ascendance is ready to ascend. I am so honored to play with this team and I want to thank Amber, Alex, DiZ, Jammies and Dice for making this an amazing tournament experience. I love you guys and am so glad to be part of this with you all!

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