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Illinois: Playing at the World's Largest Laser Tag Arena

Did you know that the world's largest laser tag arena is Laser Rock located in the Edge 618 in Belleville, IL?

I believe there's an arena in Arizona that runs neck and neck for that title, but it's printed on the t-shirt, so I'm inclined to believe it. :)

There were two things I really enjoyed about playing in this arena. First, being able to say I've played in the world's largest arena. Second, being able to share laser tag for the first time with my friend David.

I thought the arena was cool with its colorful mountainous theme. It was definitely big!

And the briefing room was pretty stylish too.

They run the Darklight system at this arena. Although I prefer more standard team games they opted for a specialty game called Infection. I had played this before, but would have liked to introduce David to tag with a different kind of game. However, we had a great time playing. I wish we had more time to enjoy playing here, but clearly this had been a long day of tag and we decided to wrap it up with another midwestern favorite...Steak N Shake! :)

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