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Missouri - Part Three: Epic Artwork

I arrived at Epic 6 in Fenton, MO just in time to jump into the final game of the night which had just started.

They quickly showed me into the briefing room and asked me if I knew how to play. I said yes even before being handed the phaser...which was when I first realized what system they were running. I got to play a little bit of Delta Strike!

Now, I'm not particularly wild about Delta Strike as a system, but I do enjoy the novelty of being able to play it again since the opportunities to do so have been so limited. So I jumped right in and began playing with the benefit of my little bit of experience with it in Massachusetts. I did much better with it having a better understanding now of the game. :)

The thing that stood out to me immediately was the really epic artwork that decorates this arena. I was told that an airbrush artist did the entire space in only nine days. The walls are impressive!

And from the second level you can get an idea of the maze design.

It was a pretty cool aesthetic.

And the other thing that was really cool (besides the game master who was right on top of it with the customer service) was that they went out of their way to find me a special grey t-shirt. The theme of today is...tag swag!

And it was well worth the trip to enjoy this Epic 6 experience.

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