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Tagging in Tennessee

Between the time zone change and the early start it was a long road down to Tennessee, but I'm so glad I was able to enjoy some time playing Nexus at Lanes, Trains and Automobiles in Murfreesboro, TN. It might not sound like a laser tag facility (the "lanes" refer to the bowling alley), but it was a fun little stop.

The arena is not huge, but it didn't need to be. It was fairly early in the day when I walked in and, even though the bowling alley was quite busy, I was the only one looking to play some laser tag. However, the game master was a good sport and granted me a pretty active one on one game to make sure I didn't have to wait to check Tennessee off my list of states where I want to play. It was a very good warm up game and as soon as we left the arena we were met by a group of military teenagers who were eager to get in a game. One of them enthusiastically asked me to join them, so of course I was glad to get in a group game while I was there.

This game was on the mark. They went in ready to play hard (at least Robin and Brandon did for sure...Casey was having a good time and so was the game master, Vladimir ) and I went in ready to do what I love to do.

They were an awesome group to hang out with and a cool little place to get in a game. However, I couldn't stay very long or explore any other tag in the area because I had an opportunity for something really cool waiting for me up in Kentucky. This trip has been predominantly spent on the road, but the gems in between have made it absolutely amazing!

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