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Awesome Time at Laser Alleys

After my experience the night before I decided to rework my plans for Sunday and re-route my trip home so that I could still have a milestone arena visit. I decided first thing that morning that I was going to get to my 70th arena before the day was done. So, to accomplish this I plotted a course and found a location that was open early in the day. That is what led me to play at Laser Alleys in York, PA.

I have to say this experience was WAY better than I expected at 11:00 AM in a bowling alley! I went in for what turned out to be a really competitive one on one with game master Alex and had a blast playing with Rift.

The arena was small, but made really good use of the space with a couple of raised platforms and ramps balanced on both sides. Alex gave me a really competitive game and we were both a bit amazed at the quality game we played to start out the day. It was a pretty even match and I appreciated his not holding back as we got into the game. Sometimes a one on one like this can be even more fun than playing with a big group!

And even though I can't honestly claim to be a fan of bowling, I took home some tag swag from this stop to kick off the start of a great day!

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