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Largest Arena on the East Coast?

Well, I've already played at the "largest laser tag arena in the world" (although there may be an asterisk as a place in Arizona does seem to run neck and neck for that title) so this time around I stopped at a center that (according to the internet) can claim to be the largest arena on the east coast. That sounded intriguing and was a great excuse to stop for a break while driving through New Jersey. I pulled into the parking lot of the Branchburg Sports Complex and thought the building certainly was big!

It was about an hour before their mid-afternoon break (apparently they close the arena for a short time before reopening for the evening). I was hoping to get into a quick game, but it took a little while before a group could go in. I perused the space (there are a lot of other activities that go on here as well)

I got to check out the arena from the observation deck. It was a pretty good sized space indeed!

And then I got to join in with a group that appeared to be one large family with a dad and teenager who clearly had experience. The younger kids in the group knew what they were doing as well and told me they come here a lot on the weekends. OK, I'm ready!

This arena uses Laserforce equipment, however they could not do anything with my membership card. Ironically I have already gotten the achievement for playing at another arena, but I have no idea how because none of the Laserforce centers I have visited are set up for this!

They had us pick captains for the teams and I found myself picking players opposite the dad of the group. I invited the younger players first, then the teenager. However, in the briefing room he jumped to the other team. Ha...ok, now he must pay! :)

We went inside and I got a pretty competitive game from the dad and oldest son. I'm not sure the teenager expected me to be that experienced (I can tell he is clearly accustomed to winning in this arena and I think I was a surprise) but we had a good game. One of the little ones on my own team stuck to me like glue, which was sweet. Then a photo for the road before getting back on the road and heading towards Delaware.

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