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Lasertron at Laserdome

What a great time I had at Laserdome! They have a really personable staff and I'm so glad I had a chance to stop and play.

When you drive up to the building you can certainly understand how it got its name...

But on the inside there is more than you would expect. The arena itself is not actually located in the dome. That's where they host their dance parties. I got a chance to check out the light show and stage area and it seems like a really cool spot to hold a party. :)

Once our game was called I went in with several guys (a couple appeared to be regulars) who made for very good competition. This facility runs Lasertron LT11 equipment.

Although I'm not really that big a fan of Tron, I did enjoy a free for all game in a Tron arena that definitely didn't look like a typical Tron arena. This place had bright colorful walls and designs everywhere you look!

During the game I felt...well, like I had been traveling all weekend. I won the first game...

...but conceded that placement in the following rounds. I'd played a lot of tag in one weekend, but if Tron was on my agenda this was a great place to enjoy it. Thanks to the staff for a great time...and the tag swag! :)

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