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Photon Authority? I'll Take It. :)

While visiting the Laser Tag Museum's website ( I recently found something rather flattering. It was a reference to the interview and video I had made a couple months back with the museum curator, Erik Guthrie.

You could have knocked me over when I saw this! What I find really cool about this is reading in print that someone actually considers me "the world's authority on the Photon television series". Over the last couple of years I have been working hard to document and preserve this facet of the laser tag history and it's quite nice to be recognized like this in a blog article (or should that be "ARRticle" for the museum. I feel very fortunate that so many of the people involved with Photon have agreed to talk with me and share their memories so that this element inspired by the original laser tag can be remembered nostalgically over thirty years after the fact. I am constantly trying to add to the collection of Photon history that I have been amassing. Here are a few of the latest gems that will soon be added to

And if you missed the video the first time around you can check it out here. It's a tour of the Laser Tag Museum's spectacular collection. Enjoy!

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