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Happy Halloween...(aka Supergirl Shoots at Harley Quinn)

I went out for some laser tag over the Halloween weekend and arrived dressed as I typically am when I play tag...t-shirt, jeans, sneakers and my signature Photon cap. And when I walked in there was a big crowd of people who were wearing regular street clothes. Then in walked Harley, not Kevin Smith's daughter (lol), but a teenager dressed as the comic character. I give this girl props for two, it takes guts to walk into a room and be the only person in costume (there was intended to be a costume contest that night, but it didn't take hold with the majority of the players) and two, in a head to toe red and black velvet bodysuit she must have been sweating bullets to wear that while playing. Well, we played a few games and the thought occurs to me that I actually have a costume of my own in my car. So, in the middle of the evening I decide to throw on my Supergirl costume and chase Harley Quinn around the arena in full Halloween spirit.

To be honest I only stayed in my costume for one game (I was dying from the heat!) before I changed back into street clothes, but it was fun to get into the Halloween mood by dressing up.

Alex showed up in monster make-up that would have been even more impressive if he hadn't sweat most of it off (the practicality of wearing a full costume for tag is a little bit lacking).

And no sooner had I changed out of my costume did someone else put on (for all of about five minutes) an inflatable Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man costume. They held a really casual contest which the Marshmallow Man won, but I must say Harley probably equally deserved simply for surviving playing tag all night in her outfit. Well, all the runner-ups got treated to a free slushie, which was good enough for me!

I had no sights on even being in a costume contest, but what I did want to do was make sure I played rotating all my membership cards, which I did. Why? To make sure to keep my averages up and my status active on them all. You see, the top ten board was updated since the last time I was there. Although I am still on it I did drop a couple of spots, so I guess I need to make a more conscious effort of playing smartly with my accounts.

But that gives me something to strive for next time around. This night was just about playing for fun...and if these photos don't say "fun time at tag" I don't know what else would!

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