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Tagging the Rest of the East Coast Starting with Florida

I started my southern state tag excursion on the opposite end of the east coast about 1000 miles from home. This trip will allow me to play in four states. After flying into Florida on Friday morning my first stop was to Adventure Landing in Jacksonville, FL.

This is a medium sized arena where they operate Laser Runner as one feature of a nice park with mini golf and go carts. It's a two level arena and by far the nicest arena I've seen for Laser Runner. It was decked out (pun intended) with a pirate's quest theme.

This was really more of a kids place, however it was the only site in the area. It's ok, I figured as much when I saw that it was Runner.

So I played it really lightly just enjoying the fact that I was there in Florida and knowing that being here meant I'd be checking off another state...and that when I was done I could enjoy some 75 degree weather!

Jacksonville was gorgeous. But the best thing I experienced besides my game of tag would have to be...BABY ALLIGATORS!!!

So glad to have made it to Florida. :)

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