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Kids Say the Darndest Things

I preface this post from the start by saying that obviously I KNOW this is not really playing laser's just a cute story from my trip. :)

I wanted to visit a few Massachusetts laser tag sites on the way back from Boston, however to accomplish this put me there a bit too early...aka in prime kids time when I got to Laser Craze in Woburn.

This center was incredibly well set up for children's parties with bounce houses set up in the "Adrenaline Zone" for kids, but there was also plenty of seating in the Craze Cafe for older players who just want some food and time to chill between games. There was a nice arcade area and it was a very nicely put together establishment.

We signed in at the computer terminal to register membership cards and then were sent into a game as the only outsiders (and adults to boot) with a large group of kids. Not the way I really wanted to play, but ready to go with the flow. I stood in the back with a few parents as the game master attempted to give a briefing on how to play Lasertron...and it was the funniest thing I have ever witnessed at laser tag!

During the briefing the game master went over the basics and just like a class of kindergarteners the hands went up with TONS of questions (some even related to laser

One boy had the most genuine vocabulary question (and please understand there was zero ill intent from this child, it was a simple and honest inquiry). When the game master got to the part about "no vulgar language" the little boy raised his hand and asked "does that mean no speaking Spanish?" because he didn't know what the word "vulgar" meant so he thought it meant "foreign" language. I swear, kids truly do say the darndest things! And again I stress that this was simply an innocent misunderstanding of vocabulary for the benefit of anyone who can't see that.

However, his was not the only memorable question. Once one hand was raised the inadvertent game of twenty questions turned interesting. One child asked if there were any booby traps. Another would laugh maniacally whenever it was explained that you get 500 points for tagging the base. And most of the other questions just reflected that not a one of these little ones understood what was going on at all.

Then we went into the arena with the kids and the parents.

The walls had a cool smokey neon aesthetic and I appreciated being able to take pics from the second level.

Needless to say I did not really "play" tag here. I went in. I guided. I walked to the base. And just for the first game I did this to make sure the kids on my team (red) got to be winners...

This reflects nothing but base tags. I did not tag a single kid, whether they tagged me or not...and more often it was "not". This was all I could do in there because...

  1. I am not a Birthday basher.

  2. It's boring to do this, but again it is important that you know that this was without tagging a single kid.

Then for the next three games I just walked back and forth to and from the base. What else can you do except be helpful where you can and try not to get in the way. Hey, it's Tron. I can let this one go by as just an experience. :)

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